Configuration Service Update in Dev Rig

When making direct calls to service it is behaving as expected. Both PUT & GET.
When using helper library the configuration does not always update as expected

On Friday I lost a bunch of time to configuration service not updating in the developer rig. If updated via the Dev Rig UI and then refreshed via the “Fetch Configuration” button it behaves as expected. Though when using the helper function in the javascript lib it wasn’t working as expected.

Initially I noticed the helper lib Twitch.ext.configuration.set used /v5/extension and the devrig call used /extension so I switched to using a direct call suspecting an issue with the lib. I mentioned this to Breci on Discord. This seemed to work.

Coming into work this morning I saw Breci repo the /v5/ url and now my config wasn’t updating. I doubled checked and direct “GET” calls worked as expected but the Twitch.ext.configuration.broadcaster is not updating and there is no onChanged message being sent even after waiting 30 minutes.

Is this expected behaviour? The docs suggest I can update 20 times per minute (not expecting more frequent than daily but its user config so could be higher).

Is there a slower rate with the helper lib?
When is the configuration.onChanged triggered?
Is the dev rig slower?
How can I track this because the endpoints always seem to return 204?

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Following the discussion on the Discord channel:

Currently the configuration service on the rig, does not update after creating the project. Bug or not implemented yet? I don’t know.

The onChanged callback will only be fired once, when the extension load. The callback will not be called again after. To update the data, use the Twitch extension pubsub.

The rate limit of 20 updates per minutes is per channel.

When you get a 204 it means that the configuration has been updated :slight_smile:

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This was resolved in version 1.1.4 of the Developer Rig.