Conflict with Extensions and Affiliate?

Hello everyone this is my first post, so I’ll try my best! :grinning:
I was wondering if anyone else who’s a streamer and developer was facing the same issue as me!
So I started the Developer onboarding a while back, I never finished it until recently, about the same time I qualified for Twitch Affiliate.
So I thought I had to fill out the Developer Onboarding in order to see the Affiliate Onboarding part of the site.
After I completed the Developer Onboarding I waited a while, but nothing changed. (I linked a image so you can see for yourselves.)

And btw if you’re a streamer and a developer and have experienced this issue did you manage to resolve it, please let me know!


Thanks guys/gals!

BTW, sorry a bit of the GIF is in Swedish, but you should get the gist of it!

Have you tried signing out and in again?

Yup, also tried on diffrent devices, and cleared cache.

Do you have any other recommendations of what I should try @3ventic noticed you’re Twitch Staff.
Feel free to DM me.

I’d contact support about it via Seems like an isolated issue.

@3ventic done it, but I don’t know about how isolated the issue is, i spent a huge amount of time looking through /r/Reddit and there was a handfull of people seeing the same issue as me.

You are not alone and we’ve seen this scenario occur. If I understand correctly, the developer onboarding process and affiliate process use the same underlying technology, so one will block the other if not completed.

I’m moving this over to the Extensions category for further assistance.

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Similar problem. I qualified for affiliate from a few outlier streams and looked at the process a while back. Now I’d like to explore an extension, and according to the docs I can’t even load up the developer rig without an extension ID and stuff, but it says “in process” and sends me to the affiliate page.

If you have already been invited to the affiliate program, complete the registration for it, and then you will be able given the option to onboard for extension development (no additional information is required of you, if you have already completed affiliate on-boarding). You will then be able to create extensions.

I don’t like that because it would bind me to the affiliate agreement terms (e.g. 24 hours exclusive). I might do it, but I want affiliate to be decision on it’s own, rather then getting entangled in developer stuff.

My next suggestion would be to contact Twitch support and ask them to revoke your affiliate invite. To be honest, if at some point in the future you wanted to join the affiliate program this will likely be more difficult (i.e. you would need to do this through support).

There are separate agreement terms for affiliates and extension developers. The thing that is shared/common is the identity verification (i.e. the tax royalty and service interviews).

Just ran into this issue with my account as well, completed the dev onboarding hoping for a change…
I contacted support a while ago now with no response other than the autobot FAQ response.

I am having the exact same issue

I’m having the same issue I already completed the onboarding process as an Extensions Developer, but never got my Affiliate invite

I am currently having the same issue. I completed Path to Affiliate on the 24th of Sept. immediately was able to fill out the agreement and payment information for Extensions Developer, but never received the invite for Affiliate. I have sent in help tickets twice and only received the Auto Reply. Also Tweeted to @TwitchSupport ( with no response.

If you have problems with the onboarding process, please use the existing thread instead of bumping old ones Having problems on-boarding? Post here!

Im not having an issue with the on-boarding process for Extensions developer. I successfully completed that. The issue is I am not able to do the on-boarding process for Affiliate also.

Which is what that thread is for, as many people have had issues with affiliate onbaording after already starting or completing the extension dev onboarding.

It’s more helpful to keep all information and users with issues tracked in a single thread than to create new thread or to bump old ones when there’s now a single place for this.

Ok moving it there.