Connecting to a lot of channels

I’m using twitch.js to make my bot connect to 220 channels. Up until now, the connection process has never been a big deal.

However, because JOIN messages count towards rate limits, the library waits 2s between each JOIN. If I have to restart the bot, it takes a long time to reach the last channel in the list.

What’s the best way to deal with this? Do JOINs actually count towards rate limits?

JOINs have their own rate limit of 50 per 15 seconds. They do not count toward the message (PRIVMSG) rate limit.

Can you link a source? Is it 50/15 even for known bots?

JOINs are rate-limited to 50 JOINs per 15 seconds. Additional JOINs sent after this will cause an unsuccessful login.

I don’t think known bots have a higher limit since it is fairly reasonable. Verified bots might.

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Can someone from Twitch tell if the information linked by @george is still valid?

Without a further poke from staff.

The rate limits are also noted here

Right, but that link doesn’t talk about JOIN rate limits, just general messages, which contradicts the other link in this thread.

I’m interested in JOIN strategies for many channels.

To my knowledge the JOIN limit has never really been adjusted from that 50/15s.
It’s per IP so if you spin up 2 different clients on 2 different IPs you can connect at 100/15 (and so on per ip.)
Otherwise, last tested for my end that was still the case.

I find it interesting that they would still let you use different IPs for this but not for regular messages.

Well they globally monitor the whole account for abuse… so…

Like a global rate limit on top of the 50/15 JOIN rate limit?

Oh hmm, I join per unique user’s account, not 1 account to many channels so that may bypass the issue.

It won’t coz you are running by IP so you get IP wacked

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