Connection limits?

Does Twitch have limits on the maximum number of concurrent connections? Up until now I’ve been using some simple timers to stop commands being used in quick succession so that my bot doesn’t hit the message limit and getting the 8 hour ban, but I want to work on a proper solution and what I’ve been reading (if the past topics here are still up to date and relevant) suggests I should plan to use multiple connections and code it so my bot cycles through these connections to send the messages.

My bot is only for a handful of channels, but they do reach into the thousands of viewers so I would like to allow for the potential of a sudden burst of messages (such as in response to a ‘!hype’ command when someone subs) while still preventing the ban. I don’t expect to need a great number of connections but I just wanted to make sure that them all coming from 1 IP is okay and if there’s any max limit I should be aware of.


As a mod you can send up to 100 messages per 20 seconds. If your bot is modded in all its channels, you just need to ensure that the broadcasters never timeout the bot (as it could render it locked out of chat).

I wanted to use multiple connections as it’s my understanding that the 100 messages/30 seconds limit is per connection rather than per ip/user, so having multiple connections and cycling through them for each message sent will provide extra safety if the bot was ever mistakenly unmodded and thus the rate limit would become much stricter, or if there’s just a sudden overwhelming burst of activity due to a new sub.

Maybe my bot wont ever hit the point where it needs start opening new connections, but if it does I just wanted to be sure of if there is any maxmimum limit I need to be aware of for connections coming from a single IP? If there’s no limit (within reasons of course) then everything should be fine the way I have it written as is :slight_smile:

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