Constant jumps in Viewers

Hey guys,

since I started to track the viewers of some streams that interested me, some of them have quite constant jumps in viewers (like 150 every 2 minutes up and down). Did anyone of you saw a behaviour like this? Is there a known API problem that could cause it?

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Note that when you retrieve the amount of viewers of a stream from the Twitch API, it’s not live (at all). It’s a cached value updated every few minutes. I sometimes received the exact same value from the API for more than 5 minutes before it got updated.

It’s not a jump, it’s just that the value just got updated.

Hey Ribesg,

I guess that is defenietly a point to mention here. Although I think that does not
explain why tracking a stream every 5 minutes, the viewers go like this:

470, 315, 467, 312, 465, 467, 310, 470 and so on.

Did you experienced any behaviour like this in your trackings?


Hey jp_smartself,

we are aware of one issue that might be causing this that we plan to fix in January. Can you ping me personally at if you still see the issue after end of January?

Thank you very much and sorry for the delay here.

Hey flgr,

January is absolutely acceptable since christmas time is just about to start. Thanks for your help and support, I will contact you if necessary.


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