Constantly Disconnected for the Last Few Days

The last few days on Twitch App have been an absolute pain. And it’s not just me. All of the people I use twitch with live in different cities and have different service providers. And for the last 3 days on Twitch we keep getting dropped from our channels all at the exact same time. And we can’t reconnect instantly. It seems it’s a time gate. Closing the program or swapping channels don’t really seem to help.

If the problem was just me it would be annoying. But with it being numerous people all with different providers everyone’s talking about making a switch with this going on for numerous days in a row. Is this happening for anyone else?

Is the problem occurring for the chat? If so, are you using a third party chat or the one provided by Twitch themselves?

We are using the twitch app and using a channel created in the twitch app. I;m not sure what you mean by third party.

Sounds like a bug in TwitchApp Please report it as such via the Twitch App.

This is the third party developers forum. Not Twitch or Twitch App Support.

You may also find additional information at

By third party, I was referring to IRC clients or custom developed via programming. However, just like Barry mentioned. It just might be a bug in the TwitchApp itself and to report it to the proper people rather than a forum. But nonetheless, I would recommend trying to use the browser version to see if the problem persists.

There is no browser version of TwitchApp. It was discontinued

Correct me if i’m wrong, but the basic foundation of TwitchApp is still ran in a web browser found here with some fancy new features that could easily be implemented over time.

This is twitch app:

and this is Twitch Website:

I am assuming that OP is referring to person to person or group voice calls in TwitchApp.

TwitchApp is only usable in the Application after the removal of TwitchAppWeb Recently

Yes, by fancy new features I mean the p2p/group voice communication which Twitch implied with “and more” on their TwitchApp page.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try reporting in the App. Since Twitch bought our the Curse App just seems confusing and hard to find any information referring to the app itself.

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