Content Security Policy - Authorize App Access

Hi there,

Got this message when i want to authorize my app access.
I wanted to know what is the good method to implent this ?

Thanks in advance


It looks like you’re trying to do an OAuth flow from your config page. Go to your extension management page, then go to the “Extension Capabilities” tab. Under “Whitelist Config Urls”, add

That should allow you to create links to twitch auth on your config page. However I don’t think you can open it directly, you need to use <a href="blah" target="_blank">auth</a> and have the auth open in a new tab/window. You can have the completed auth windows call back to your config page using parent window messages.

For an example, you can take a look at my “Spotify Recently Played” extension, and how it does the OAuth handshake on the config page. Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot ! :pray: