Controls conundrum in Clips vs VODs

I’m building a Browser object for OBS/SLOBS that is designed to cycle through a list of clips provided by the streamer and chat, displaying them in the stream. This is designed to function as a “highlights reel” for times when the streamer is AFK, as well as a chance for viewers to clip highlights and then instant-replay them during gameplay in a frame.

The issue I’m having is that the clip player, being non-interactive, doesn’t seem to have a “hide controls” option. As such, when the clip loads, the play/stop/timeline controls are visible, as well as an overlay of the clip title, and broadcaster’s icon. These eventually fade, but then when the clip ends, the clip discovery panel is shown.

One workaround would be pulling the VOD with timestamp from the clip metadata, and then displaying that section of the VOD in the interactive player with controls disabled, but this only works for as long as the VOD is retained by Twitch.

Am I missing something here? Or are clips just completely incompatible with this idea?

EDIT: Another workaround, which I’m currently using, is to load the status via, but I believe this method is deprecated…?

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