Converting channel id to channel name?

Is there a way to convert the channel id to the name of the channel?

The channel ID is the same as the user ID. Here’s some v5 endpoints:

Get user object by ID<user ID>

Get channel channel by ID<channel ID>

These are also available:

List of user objects by comma-separated logins<user login>,<user login>,<user login>

List of user objects by comma-separated IDs<user ID>,<user ID>,<user ID>

List of channel objects by comma-separated IDs<channel ID>,<channel ID>,<channel ID>
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Thanks so much. It looks like I have to use the Twitch API to do what I need to do.

It would be extremely helpful if twitch offered something like twitter and discord, where we can have a permalink to the channel id on our site, and twitch handles the redirect.
For example, twitter has{user_id}
Discord has:{user_id}

Does twitch have something like:{channel_id}

I’ve never seen this feature on Twitch, I am fairly certain it does not exists. You could suggest it or upvote an existing suggestion on the UserVoice.