Copyright Music Blocker?

I apologize for asking in the “Dev Forums” but I can’t find a public forum or a definite answer anywhere. I am playing Rocksmith 2014 on the Xbox One console. The stream works fine through all the menus but as soon as I start a song (game) the stream pauses. When the song ends the stream starts again.
I spent a lot of time looking for answers and read an article that said Twitch uses a third party system to detect and block copyrighted material from being streamed. I don’t know how old the article was though. And there are lots of games with copyrighted music, like GTA, does Twitch also block those streams?
I have seen others broadcasting Rocksmith, does that mean they’re using capture cards? Why would that work vs. just going straight thru the console? Sorry for all the questions and thanks for any advice/answers.

It should [citation needed] only be the VOD that get’s blocked. But there could be specific game code blocking the broadcast of the music inside the Xbox itself (so yes other people are Cap. carding)

Basically all Copyrighted music gets blocked.
So GTA Radio, Fallout 4 Radio, Rocksmith are all basically out VOD/stream Wise.

You can try Twitch Reddit for further advice ->

Thanks for the information Barry. I’ll check out the reddit link.

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