Couldn't able to fetch twitch api

I wanted to use twitch api for personal projects, so I run api with my client_id.
Result: Invalid client id specified.

Then I search others pen on, then I found that twitch api is not working.
I don’t know what would do I now, guys please help me.

I’m not familiar with but when I removed beta and used my client_id it seems to be working now

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I removed beta as you said, but didn’t seem to work.

Actually, do you have a chrome extension that putting in a client_id in your header? or oauth?

That client_id works - Try opening an incognito session, CTRL+SHIFT+N on chrome and try to use that URL in your original post.

You right, It worked and I also checked in safari, but I wanted to make a project with this api.I don’t think i can do that.What do you think?

What is your concern? The trouble you had viewing it in Chrome? or the stability of the endpoint? that kraken is supposed to be shut off at the end of the year?

I wanted to do make a interaction with that when user search for some channel or clips.It will show reaults according to search.

What will I do now?

Channel search is documented:

Clips by channel is discussed

So if these are not helping you/not working please post your code and we can take a look

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