Couple Questions Regarding Twitch Bots & Music

Question regarding Twitch Bots:

Does running different bots interfere with each other? Im currently running Moo Bot, Wize Bot,and Night Bot. I know some of these provide specific services and I know some provide the same service, but I was just curious if they all coincide with each other.

Question regarding Music:

Moo Bot > Features > Song Request … Ive made a little test playlist from YouTube and everything is working fine from the dashboard. I can see the little mini-viewer of YouTube video (link) and hear the music, but the music cant be heard in the chat. Which is kinda why I asked question one.

Any help or input is appreciated! Thanks

What do you mean by “be heard in chat”? . The bots, chat window or the site itself cannot play sounds or music. The only way you can let viewers hear the music is through the player while streaming with OBS, for example. If you are having audio issues I suggest you contact the OBS forums or their support.

Wether or not bots interfere with each other can be hard to say considering they are constantly updated and perhaps not tested for compatibility. Unless you are using the same features, like spam control, in different bots at the same time I think you should be fine.

@livewhiletrue covered pretty much everything. Bot’s interacting with bot’s is generally ok but you are likely to confuse your moderation staff, if you have that many bots as mod 1 will add a command to bot a, and mod 2 will add a command to bot b, and then you have a mess…

The point of the YouTube request song feature (to expand) is for the YouTube video to be played out as the background music on your stream. It doesn’t show in Twitch chat in anyway

Oh ok. I have OBS, but at the moment I only have a laptop. The integrated webcam doesnt work and Ive never even used it. The integrated mic isnt good at all either. So, for the time being, Im just using my Kinect and the app from Xbox One to stream with. I just didnt realize the “Playlists” inside of Moo Bot was for me to listen to music and not the stream itself.

It is for the users, but it has to be picked up by your streaming software. I have never used OBS myself but I reckon there are ways for OBS to broadcast your outgoing audio or just certain sound generating applications. What I know for certain is that you don’t need a mic to stream background music.

This forum is not for streaming support, however. I suggest you post in /r/Twitch or the OBS forums.

Im not using streaming software. Like I said, I have OBS downloaded and Ive used it before. Ive used, with success, Spotify. But, since viewers like interacting, seeing, and hearing the streamer I dont use my OBS software because I dont have a webcam OR mic. So when I stream using OBS, my viewers cant see me or hear me. Im working on saving up and building a streaming PC, because all I have at the moment is my laptop which isnt ideal for streaming (no mic or webcam). So for the time being Im just using my Kinect to stream to Twitch so at least they can hear and see me.

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