Create a Extensions with Django framework

i has a simple question: i can create extensions for twitch using django framework?
for example with this structure as on image examples, this is enough for extension to was approwed in twitch?

Only if the framework outputs static HTML/JS/CSS

Twitch cannot/will not run python for you

Extensions are uploaded to a “dumb”/static CDN.
So SSR cannot be used, as there is no environemnt/executable just a dumb/static assets server.

Your frontend can call your backend and the backend can be in whatever you want it to be though as you are responsible for running it.

that is, only “pure language” is allowed to be used? no libraries, plugins, etc.

jquery/d3.js are js libraries and can be used.

Whatever you output to upload to the CDN has to be “dumb” plain HTML/JS/CSS so yeah “pure” is a valid descriptor for that.