Create a personal mod bot without coding

Hi, how can i create a twitch moderator bot (like nightbot) without coding with my own name?

  • Create a Twitch Account in the name you want.
  • Authenticate that Twitch Account with the needed scopes
  • Use that accounts token, instead of a token for your own account.

The relevant authentication flow is described here Getting Tokens: OAuth | Twitch Developers

Ok, where is a good platform to create a bot without coding and host it?

I interpreted this to say you had built a bot and want to use a different name

But this says you haven’t built a bot?

Sounds like you need to find “twitch bot as a service” and I don’t know any of those.
When people need custom bots they often find a developer and employ/pay them to build it.
Then the developer will handle all that and device hosting as needed.

?? where is a platform to connect it

I’m not sure what you are asking.

For a custom bot with your own name you’ll be best to write all the code yourself
And create/obtain your own ClientID from Twitch (for authetication purposes).

ClientID’s can be obtained from: Twitch Developers
Authentication is covered here: Getting Tokens: OAuth | Twitch Developers
Creating a bot/using chat is covered here: Chatbots & IRC | Twitch Developers

Libraries will exist, most likely, for your chosen programming language, it you want to go the library route

I have solved

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