Create a PUBSUB app, beginner

Hello everyone,
I got asked to create a channel points listener for a friend. I went on and created that listener with python websockets and the PubSub API. Now here comes the thing where I have no idea:

How to generate an OAuth? I know you can create your application in the Console but even then, how can I get the Chat ID and a Token.
If there is any tutorial or guide I would be fine with it, but I can’t seem to get a breakthrough.

Authentication is covered here

You should probably generate a user access token

There is a Node and PHP example at

That might be of use


  • Create a URL that goes to Twitch specifiying your client ID and the required scopes. (and other fields)
  • Get the streamers to click that link
  • They go to Twitch, they accept the connection between your Application and their account
  • They are redirected to your website with a code
  • Exchange the code for an access and refresh token

Then use that access token to connect to pubsub, and refresh the token when the access token dies/you get disconnected from PubSub.

Ok, thank you I will look into it

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