Create an Automatic List of Chat / Viewer Questions

I’m on a time crunch and have been scouring google for a couple days with no luck, but my apologies for my noobness.

I want the viewers to be able to ask a question in chat that will automatically populate a list. I’m assuming this is possible since I’ve seen music request bots creating playlists. Same animal? I’ve investigated the streamer bots that are focused on “big streamers” and would rather not have a bunch of stuff installed that doesn’t need to be.


question! When did you start streaming?

Send the viewer name and “When did you start streaming?” along with a time stamp to a text file? Mirc? So that it can be seen and answered by the channelOp chronologically or randomly.

File Example,
12:25 pm [JoeViewer] When did you start streaming

Ideally, I would like channelOp to be able to interact with the list and remove the question, or mark it as answered to avoid confusion and as a way to track who and how many, if they want to.

Could you point me in a general direction. I need to have it working by this evening if humanly possible. Thanks.

Check out the chat documentation for instructions on how to read your viewers’ chat messages. It uses IRC protocol, and a lot of the existing IRC libraries are “compatible enough” as-is; there are also a lot of Twitch specific ones that other developers have created and shared with the world.

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