Create Clip API 503 service unavailable

I’ve been getting {‘error’: ‘Service Unavailable’, ‘status’: 503, ‘message’: ‘’} for the last 4-5days. Tested my request on other machine and still got the same response. I don’t know if its something wrong with my request. Thanks!

You did actually send a NUMERIC broadcaster_id as per

And sometimes that Clips System will jsut nope out regardless.

Yeah, im sending user_id that i’ve got from users API.

What broadcasterID are you trying?

Is that user live on Twitch right now?
Did that user restrict clip creation (resulting in a 5xx instead of a useful 4xx)

There’s no clip creation restrictions as far as i know.

This use has restricted whom can make a clip

Okay wtf, sorry for being an idiot. I will talk with that broadcaster.

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