Create Clip API missing scope

Ok, so I created a new app in Dev Dashboard, got a Client-ID and used it and a Client Secret to get

App Access Token


Now I try to use this fresh access token with Create Clip API
My request looks like this:

Why does it say that clips:edit is missing? Am I doing something wrong? All I want is to create a clip of someone’s live stream.

You’re using the wrong type of token, you need to use a user access token, not an app access token.

You’re trying to access an endpoint that requires user authentication.

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Thanks for the reply, so does it make sense for me to create a separate account specifically for creating clips?

That’s entirely up to you. You need a user to go through the authentication process so that when using the create clips endpoint it will create the clips as if they were made by that user. So creating a new account or using your own Twitch account is for you to decide based on what you’re hoping to achieve.

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