Create Clip rate limit questions

I wrote a Twitch bot that uses the Create Clip API to automatically create clips when enough users type !clipit in chat. It’s starting to get some higher usage and the Twitch API guide states that “This endpoint has a global rate limit, across all callers. The limit may change over time, but the response includes informative headers”. So two questions:

  1. Should I be concerned that the rate limiting may effect my ability to scale the bot to more channels in the future?
  2. In addition to the global rate limiting, is there rate limiting being done on a per-caller basis as well?

1: Yes.

It is probably preferable, to not use the feature/function for your use case. First in chat 20 people are gonna !clipit at the same time, which I hope only results in one clip to save 20 clips being made. Second the clip is owned by you and not the person who won the !clipit race.

Which means you have a clip, that is incorrectly titled and incorrectly cut to length.

I think it’s better to not use this feature like this and let people alt+x or just use the clip button. But thats my opinion.


As documented

it’s a GLOBAL rate limit only, not a helix rate limit.

The bot has cool downs already and accounts for multiple votes (triggering only a single clip once the configured number of votes is received).

You are correct that the bot account then owns the clip, default title is the channel title and I’m limited to only 30 second clips by default. All that said, there seems to be a heavy interest in this and I hope Twitch considers broadening the rate limit and capabilities around Clip Creation. I haven’t reached the limit yet based on my observations, but I still have concerns in the future.

It might be worthwhile for you to run a test for a day, or ideally a week, to see how close the global rate limit gets to being reached and how it much it varies over time. Recording that sort of data will give you a good idea going forwards how much room there is for growth, usage patterns so you know where the peak times are and when there may be issues etc…

Good suggestion. I’m not storing the rate headers at the moment but I really should do that.

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