Create organization on the behalf of a company

Hi there,
We are willing to create an extension for a well known company that do not want to get into technical stuff. First, we need to create an organization for them.
As the name of the organization is the one of the client company AND different from the domain of my email (which is indeed of my company), the creation has been refused.
I sent a mail to the support, who finally sent me here.

What proof do I need to provide so that I can create an organization at the name of a company ?

Thanks !
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In this example, probably easier for the company to create the organisation and then assign you rights as needed.

Hey Barry, thanks for the suggestion, that is what I would prefer avoiding but if this is the only way, let’s get onto it !

To my knowledge

Twitch doesn’t have a “do x on behalf of y and prove it” mechanism

So that would be easiest.

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