Created_at timezone

Hi, in the streams API endpoint there is the “created_at” that gives for example 2018-09-29T06:42:53Z

What time zone is this in? I have no way to create a broadcast to test it. Thanks

The timezone is Z

That timezone you gave as an example is formatted as per the RFC (I forget which) (Edit: @Dist says it is RFC3339 )

Z is +0 aka Zulu aka UTC

Another example would be:


Which would be +1 for the timezone

awesome thank you. Also does the API bring back different returns for the timezone for example 2018-09-29T06:42:53+0100 and a different stream might have 2018-09-29T06:42:53Z ?


To make more sense, I’m trying to get the difference between the start time and current time in minutes or hours using Java.

I don’t know what the “correct” way to do this would be but personally found it easiest to convert the date and time API gives to unix time stamp, then get current unix time, subtract the APIs time from current and then convert the result back to the format you need.

Just take the time passed from the , pass it to a date time parser for your language and all done.

Thats the joy of this format:


Left of T is the date in YYYY-MM-DD
Right of T is HH:ii:ss
Then a descriptor for the timezone

z/+0000 Zulu/UTC+0
+/-0100 for add/remove hours
+0030 in case you are in a wierd 30 minute zone, of thought it fun to return time weirdly

Basically, just take the time and dump it into a date time parser.

For java:

Suggests that:

new SimpleDateFormat()

Should accept the DateTime string passed by any API

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