Creator Goals Twitch API and EventSub support are now available as an open beta

Creator Goals is a feature that allows broadcasters to manage follower and subscription goals on Twitch.

Goals generate hype in the community to support a channel and are flexible enough to be used for many types of objectives from a weekly follower goal to a Partner subathon.

To help creators further the hype, we are adding Twitch API and EventSub support so Creator Goals can be incorporated into existing and new third-party applications. We have no doubt that the developer community will deliver innovative ways to celebrate goals!

By providing the Twitch API and Eventsub functionality as an open beta, we are able to gather feedback from the developer community to make sure the features operate as intended and meet your expectations. Further additions may be made in the future regarding Creator Goals, so please feel free to provide your feedback regarding what’s available today as well as suggestions for the future in the developer category of UserVoice. Although we do not expect major changes to today’s features, there may be minor updates during the beta as we receive feedback. For this reason, these endpoints should not be used in a production environment until they have graduated from their beta version. For more information about the beta classification, see Product Lifecycle.

New Twitch API Endpoint

New EventSub Subscription Types

New Scope

  • channel:read:goals

Update [9/17/2021]: The Creators Goals API is now Generally Available!

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Just throwing up a related UV for create/edit goals.

Can I change the design of the process bar using the API


The Bar itself offers no customisation options.

People have been using custom CSS in the OBS CSS field when adding it to OBS

Hmm … you’re right! Thank you so much! I tried and I succeeded, but via {…!importent;}
I hacked twitch )))