Creator Tools Showcase - TwitchCon AMS 2022


Awareness and adoption of third-party creator tools can be a challenging goal for a developer community. To help with this effort, the Twitch Developers team will be hosting the “Creator Tools Showcase” at TwitchCon Amsterdam to bring developers and broadcasters together. This event is intended to have an audience of Twitch creators and a number of presentations from the developer community to share what tools they have to offer.

Event Overview

The Creator Tools Showcase is scheduled for Sunday, July 17, 2022 and will be 90 minutes in length. We will begin with an introduction from the TwitchDev team. Then, for roughly the first half of the event, developers chosen to participate are given the opportunity to present back-to-back lightning showcases, in other words, brief demos for about 3-4 minutes to explain what creator tool(s) or service they offer for Twitch creators.

These demonstrations will be followed by dedicated time in the second half of the event for broadcasters to follow up with the developers regarding the tools they believe could be a benefit for their community and/or enhance the viewing experience.

Submitting a Request For a Lightning Showcase

For developers interested in potentially participating in the showcase, you can use the following form to send in a submission through Monday, June 6, 2022. You will receive a response regarding participation within a few days following the submission deadline.

Preparation and Requirements

All submissions chosen for the showcase will require one representative to speak at the event and 1-3 prepared slides. A presentation template will be provided to create these slides and they will be due back to our team before the event for review and consolidation into a main presentation deck for an easy transition between presentations.

The representative presenting the showcase must already have a TwitchCon AMS ticket that includes Sunday. We unfortunately cannot provide complementary tickets for participating in this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the audience?

While we are uncertain of the audience that may attend since this is the first time we are hosting such an event, the room itself has an attendee capacity of 200 people.

How many developers will be accepted?

This will depend on interest and our final decision on session length. It will most likely be around 10-15 presentations.

Will the event be streamed?

The benefit of hosting this kind of event at TwitchCon is taking advantage of developers and broadcasters in the same physical location. While we have not secured a streaming solution at this time, we are investigating if this could be possible for the TwitchDev channel.

Can developers sign up after submissions are closed or on the day of the event?

Unfortunately, no. We will need to prepare a main presentation deck of slides for all presenters and need to review content ahead of the event.


We’d love your feedback and any further questions about the event below.

Have there been any updates on if decisions have been made concerning the Lightning Showcase?

Thanks for inquiring about the Creator Tools Showcase submissions. All developers who submitted should have received a response regarding participation and any additional contacts mentioned in the submission were CCed.

We are currently in the process of confirming that the approved presenters will be able to attend the session and the list of applications will be mentioned at a later date.

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