Current song info from Deezer

I don’t understand why there are more than three extensions to grab a current played song from Spotify but there is none that works with Deezer (aka the superior service).
Anyone working on something? Or anyone who made it for Spotify thinking about using the Deezer API as well?


Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

In all seriousness though, also interested in seeing if others are working on this.


I’d be so happy to avoid migrating from Deezer to Spotify. I understand there is nothing like that for Deezer and I can’t even use the deezer’s API to have that working?

there’s this which updates after the song is played:
and then there’s the javascript sdk that also includes current track:

Triggered when the currently playing track has changed.
The object argument indicates the information of the currently playing track:

index : 0,
track : {
album : {…},
artist : {…},
duration : 123,
id : 2322,
title : ‘Title of track’,

does really nobody simply care about this?

A friend of mine just asked if “write to file” can be implemented somehow, like there is for other streaming services. I am now starting to work on a JavaScript based app that will write the current track data into a txt file and save the album cover.