Current Status: Pending Action

My extension has a current status of pending action in my dashboard. I haven’t received any emails detailing what I need to change for my extension to be approved. How can I get this email resent or better yet find the details in the dashboard?

You were informed what to do in Discord when you asked the same question.

Chase it with an email to {removed}

Edit: The above email address has been removed as it is no longer used for Extension support. For questions regarding your reviews, please reply to any email you received during the review process to reach the review team.

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried sending to that email several times and it keeps getting bounced back. It says that the email address can’t be found or it can’t receive email.

Same here, havent gotten the pending action email and gmail says that email up there doesnt exist.

hmm, I wasn’t aware this email has been closed. I’m checking with the team on this.

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Developer support via that email address is not available at this time. There was some down time as it was replaced with an auto-reply with resources. That being said, it sounds like there is a gap here to reach the Extension review team if you do not receive an email address in the first place as replying to those emails is the appropriate course of action for assistance. We will inquire with the review team to see if they have ideas on how to resolve.

Best would be if you guys could find a way to add notes to the extensions status in the dashboard. Would circumvent the need for the emails in the first place :thinking:
I just hope you can find a solution, been hyped to release the extension for a bit and kinda sad if you gotta wait on a lost email ^^

Update – if you have questions about a specific extension review, you can reply directly to the email you received from Twitch. This email will go to the extension review team.