Current Status: Pending

hi, i hope you guys good. the thing is, when i check my status there its pending since month. we complete the project soon, and then we planning do streams too with developers. can’t understand why its on ‘pending’ status since month and i still didnt get any mail about it too.

my twitch is whieselayn, and project name is 1201. i will be really happy if you guys check it as fast as possible. good luck and have a great day <3

Because this is in the Extensions section of the forums I’m not sure if you’re waiting on an Extension, Organisation approval, or Game Ownership claim approval.

If you’re waiting on an Extension review then you will need to please be patient and wait as there is a queue (although it does seem to be speeding up recently).

If you’re waiting on Org approval, or claiming ownership of a game, please reach out to and include details of your org/game.

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