Custom Chat command with If conditions

Hello. I am trying to make a command with specified response. For example if person that types is a mod command should response “you are a mod”, if person is vip, it should response “you are a vip” etc. I looked at guide but I couldnt find the correct parameter for that. What I mean is this:

if ({
client.say(target, “You are a vip”);
else if (target.mod==True){
client.say(target, “You are a mod”);

This is an example. I dont know that vip and mod parameters are true. It could be “target.badges”.

You would usually grab the tags of a message
Then process the badges in the tags of that message
And then see if a mod or VIP badge is present


@badge-info=subscriber/88;badges=moderator/1,subscriber/84,ambassador/1;client-nonce=60f008953dd3605f9295a92ceeaa5542;color=#033700;display-name=BarryCarlyon;emotes=;flags=;id=b8accce3-ece6-405c-9ad6-49b5d4aa8b18;mod=1;room-id=26610234;subscriber=1;tmi-sent-ts=1622298651298;turbo=0;user-id=15185913;user-type=mod :barrycarlyon! PRIVMSG #cohhcarnage :more moo

Extract the tags


Then grab the badges


And you can look for the moderator or vip badge.

If using an IRC messageparser or something like

And thus assuming JavaScript

It’ll convert it into an object


becomes something like

payload.tags['badges'] = {
    'moderator': "1",
    'subscriber': "1",
    'ambassador': "1"

then in JS you can do

if (payload.tags['badges'].hasOwnProperty('moderator')) {
    // is a mod
if (payload.tags['badges'].hasOwnProperty('vip')) {
    // is a vip

Thank you so much. I found a solution. Here check it out the working version: Code

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