Custom rewards color change not working

Hello, I am trying to change the color of my custom reward and it just keeps giving me the original color back after I click save. Please help :')

What is the API call you are making?

I’m not sure as I have never used this before, but really needed help.

Updating a Custom reward is documented here:

And you specify a standard HTML/CSS Hex color for the background_color

So if it’s not working we need to look at the code you are using

Yes, the code I am trying to use is #FFC8D5, every time I click “save” after trying to change the color, the color just goes back to the original one that I did not want.

clicking save isn’t a thing in the API.

Are you trying to use the dashboard?

I am in the creator dashboard, under viewer rewards, then channel points. I clicked on one of my rewards and am trying to change the background color of it.

You’ve reached the third party developers support forum.

For help with utilising the API and other third party products.

We generally can’t assist with first party issues such as the dashboard.

Try relogging on Twitch.
Restarting your browser
and checking for/disabling ad or script blockers.

Failing that

Okay, thank you!

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