Custom_rewards creation bug

Hello, everytime i try to create a reward using “custom_rewards” endpoint i’m getting this reply

{"error":"Bad Request","status":400,"message":"CREATE_CUSTOM_REWARD_DUPLICATE_REWARD"}

I double checked my channel, deleted all rewards, but it still happen

Exemple post data:

  "title": "Hydrate1679796079524",
  "is_user_input_required": false,
  "prompt": "",
  "cost": 100,
  "is_enabled": true,
  "is_max_per_stream_enabled": false,
  "is_max_per_user_per_stream_enabled": true,
  "is_global_cooldown_enabled": false,
  "max_per_user_per_stream": 14

This indicates that the title of Hydrate1679796079524 has already been used.

or there is a fault in your code. People commonly miss the content-type header.

i purposly deleted all redeems from my channel and the GET call on “custom_rewards” return an empty array. My content type is “application/json”.

I really feel like i’m running into a bug. Because when the code run, i can see the reward appear on my twitch dashboard, but the API call return the error in my first message

That would suggest your code might be running twice and you are only logged the second result.

Also checked that, my code run only once, and was working in the past

My example test tool doesn’t exhibit the described error

Upon create attempt I got a JSON blob returned representing my reward.

I also cross checked with insomnia

I am unable to find an issue as you describe

Found the issue, using DefaultRequestHeaders on a c# HttpClient will make the request send twice…

Thanks for the help!

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