Dark theme embedding

recently I was working with Twitch embedding and hit a wall with changing chat’s theme. Normally chat has light theme, but there is also dark one used for theater mode and it’s not available via API.

Obvious solution would be to just apply “dark” class to chat’s container what will update styling, but… iframe, cross-domain, “no go” solution. I was thinking if there is any kind of workaround, but nothing is worth trying just to change background and font colour.

Is there any way to call dark version of the chat? Maybe I missed something. If not, are there plans to improve chat embedding?

Which version the embedded chat uses is up to the viewer’s preferences. They can change it from the chat settings panel.

Ok, thanks.
I was hoping for something like setQuality() in player’s API, so I could set the default theme that fits website’s styling. Maybe in the future :).

I’m interested in setting the chat theme as well. If we could use the iframe with a URL param like http://twitch.tv/streamer/chat?theme=dark that would be really cool. It’s obviously fine if the user wants to change it to the light version, but I’m working on a site that the dark theme would be much more fitting as a default.

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