Darn it twitch or is it obs idk but its annoying

so about 2 days ago i try to stream. before then it would stream fine with no inturruptions. but then heres where the issue pops in. no matter what settings i try it wont stay connected for long. OBS keeps giveing me the same error “disconnected” . i try all sorts of settings and nothing fixes it. i cant stream anymore due to something going wrong. i need help. and fast so i can stream again

Issues you encounter on Twitch should be emailed to support@twitch.tv
Requests for advice should be done on help.twitch.tv or reddit.com/r/twitch

I have had issues for about 3-4 days where my max upload it’s around 1500KBS. It doesn’t seem to affect my stream too badly but OBS is constantly yellow / red and I drop about 10% of frames. This wasn’t like this before… I would stream at 2300KBS and always had a green light on OBS.

I thought maybe my ISP did something… But a normal speed test shows no issues. Perhaps it’s Twitch or perhaps it’s my ISP limiting upload rate to Twitch.

No idea… :frowning:

I noticed the same thing. I was streaming great at 3500kb but then suddenly I was dropping frames when I started my stream in OBS. In OBS you can change to what Twitch server you stream to so I moved from the Miami server that I was on to the New York server and my bit-rate went right back up. Several hours with not a single frame dropped.

The next day I tried going back to Miami and still very bad bandwidth so I went to Texas this time and it was good. The very next day both Miami and Texas had poor performance so I went back to the New York server and it was good to go.

If your having this problem then just try to find a server that works best for you. Before blaming the Twitch server I did do a speed check at speedtest.net to make sure I had the bandwidth from my ISP first. I suggest you do the same.

If you did a speed test and it was good then your ISP is not limiting your bandwidth (usually). I don’t think the major ISP limit uploads by destination IP, That’s not to say that they can’t or will not because as you may know, Verizon was limiting downloads from Netflix.

As George said earlier, this is a developer support forum for answering questions on how to use our APIs and chat service. If you need community support on how to stream, I highly recommend reddit.com/r/Twitch.