Dashboard Missing Client Query Parameters

I noticed the dashboard view of an extension not getting most of the query parameters the config or panel views get, most notable the “state” parameter.

Is this something I missed, is this something that will be changed or is there another method of getting those values?

Further more, some calls to the JS helper are not available as well or at least yield no response / don’t fire the expected callback when being tried from the dashboard view (in my exact case it’s a call related to bits in extensions that works fine on the viewer panel and config page).

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noticed that today the first time. I am pretty sure that it had the state query param before.

It’s pretty vital to my development flow, as I use the state=hosted_test param as indicator to connect to my staging EBS.

Workaround atm: Search the iframe using DevTools, and add the state=hosted_test manually…

Same issue for me. My workaround was

if (window.location.origin == localhost) use localhost; else use live server