Dashboard Stats from API


We are working on a Business Inteligence project in my company and basically for the Twitch part, it consists on being able to retrieve data from the Stats dashboard (https://www.twitch.tv/username/dashboard/stats)

In this page, there is a export csv button which contains everything we need
It redirect to this url :

Of course, this is not a public url, and will not work unless you are logged.

How can these data can be retrieved automatically everyday for multiple channels though the login part is protected by Captcha.

API does not seem to offer this service and because it is possible to do it manually (but really not convenient to do this every day), is there anyway to log in with some api key, authentication token in a simple url parameter ?

Thank you very much

There isn’t a supported public API for the dashboard stats. All of our public endpoints are documented at dev.twitch.tv/docs.

Is there any particular reason to not allow automation for this kind of statistics ? Or is it just currently not possible to do it ?

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