Data Being Passed in Extension

Hi there,

I am developing a Twitch Extension that allows streamers to dynamically select images they want to display on their overlay. It is a video component extension. I compressed the images to size 64x64 and I was able to pass 2 images compared to when the generated image was 128x128 however it is now blurry. Does anyone have suggestions or best practices on how can I send a large amount of photos to the panel.html using the Twitch Config Service?

When the images generated were 128x128, and I tried to submit more than one, I got a console error “GraphQL”

By not using the config service.

Your use case doesn’t fit well with the config service due to the limits on the config service.
And whilst sure an image is just a string blob at the end of the day it really doesn’t align well with being in the config service

The Config Service can only hold 5kb of data. And thats not gonna give you a lot of space for a good sized image

See the related API function on the config service Reference | Twitch Developers

The segment is limited to 5 KB.

What would you suggest using then? The Twitch Pub Sub? I have a time constraint for this so just trying to figure out a minimum viable product. Just out of curiosity, when I hard coded the images into the HTML, I could pass up to 5 images at a time, but now that I am generating these images and passing them as dataURL’s, it can only pass one at a time.

Images are uploaded to your server.
You pass the URL’s to those images to the config service or pubsub or extension however you see fit
Images are loaded from the server.

If I set up server side logic, could I still use the Cnfig Service?

Of course, just the images themself are not in the config service list the list of image URL’s to load and display

Okay thanks mate! I appreciate your help