Dear Twitch Staff - Suggestion - Remove Users / Viewers from chat list who are in 10+ different channels

Suggestion for the Twitch Staff who monitor this section, Consider the following:

If a user/viewer is in more then 10 Chat rooms at the same time, remove the user from the chat list.

Reason, we are getting to a breaking point of chat list bots whos sole purpose appears to be getting ​streamers to click to their stream pages.

Also new streamers are not aware of these chat bots and think they are real people … then wonder why no one is chatting while their chat list shows “XX” amount.

Feature requests should go to Uservoice This is a 3rd party developer forum so no one can help with that here.

As to your suggestion though, there are legitimate reasons to be in a large number of channels, and sometimes as an actual user and not a bot. Artificially manipulating the chatters list doesn’t do anything to solve the education issue of newer streamers checking the list of chatters more than they should, or putting any weight at all on how many users are in chat, as that metric has very little value.

The Pin comment on this section specifically says feature requests… pretty sure staff is here time to time.

For users who have legitimate reasons, they can add a whitelist so this doesnt effect them, being added to a whitelist will require some manual review.

As for Artificially manipulating, the sole purpose of these chat bots is manipulation.

I will flag the pin to be revised.

It predates uservoice existing and feature requests belong on UserVoice these days.

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