Decode Russian letters

Hello, my dear friends
the API "" + userId returning

    "data": [{
            "id": "40757434636",
            "user_id": "38461708",
            "user_name": "XaKoH",
            "game_id": "29595",
            "game_name": "Dota 2",
            "type": "live",
            "title": "⚠ Позитивная дота! ⚠ рулетка за баллы ⚠ ", //WHAT??/
            "viewer_count": 2765,
            "started_at": "2021-01-16T03:19:18Z",
            "language": "ru",
            "thumbnail_url": "{width}x{height}.jpg",
            "tag_ids": ["0569b171-2a2b-476e-a596-5bdfb45a1327"]
    "pagination": {}

How to decode the title field?

I would speculate your code wasn’t able to handle UTF-8 characters properly. And is cross coding the characters to a different format

Browser example, (header plugin to inject headers)


Yeah, there it is!
I forgot to add the Unicoode setting to my webclient.

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