Deep Learning with chat logs

Hey, I’m a grad student at Dartmouth working on some deep learning projects and I want to try training an AI on twitch chat to see how it learns to use kappa and other emotes and memes and whatever. Problem is, I need massive amounts of text for training and it’s agonizing to try to collect it by hand since I can’t just jump to the end of a replay and grab all the text, right, I have to let the video play so the chat updates in real time, and then grab the text every so often before it gets pushed off the top.

So anyway, I’m hoping we can try to work something out and I figured this might be a good place to start asking.

Thanks for any help!

Wait, do you want to collect data from VODs? Why don’t you grab messages from livestreams?

I run into the same problem of having to sit there and copy paste text over and over for like a month straight. I was thinking I could try to get permission from some streamers who sort of know me to have a bot sit in their chat and grab all the text for me, and then see how much I’ve collected over a month or so. There’s also apparently something called “chatty” that the streamer can set up to log their chat, but I’d prefer not to ask them to do extra work for me.

So there are some options but I wanted to see if twitch could help me out. Like maybe if I give the name of a streamer, twitch reaches out, the streamer gives permission, then twitch gives me access to the logs they use to generate replay chat.

You don’t have to get permission to run a bot. Especially if it doesn’t send anything to the chat. So, you could get yourself a simple bot and make it log every message.

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