So no more video comments API?

I’m looking for ‘’+videoId+’/comments?content_offset_seconds=0
something like this in this version of Twitch API

There has never been any official API endpoints to get VoD chat, any previous endpoints that may have retrieved it are undocumented and never intended for 3rd party use.

If you wish to get chat you’ll need to create a connection to Twitch Chat and capture it as it happens, there’s no way for you to get historical chat.

So how is it being accessed by the VOD playback by the twitch VOD viewer?

First party API that is not available to third parties to use.

IE the same as it was before!

Thanks for the friendly response.

Is there a UserVoice issue for this currently?

No idea. It’s not a usercase I require.

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Found one here:

Will attempt to garner up support for it. Thanks!

Personal for my use case here I collected the chat in real time for the channels I’m authorised to collect on.

So I don’t need to after the fact (also most channels vods don’t live very long these days)

I understand. Thank you.

I still support the ability to collect chat after the fact.

Crossreference list:

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