Deep link on iOS

My question is about deep linking to a stream on iOS.

  1. Is it possible to deep link and have it default to fullscreen video? It’s very random but sometimes when I deep link to a video it starts out in chat-only mode which I find confusing. I would prefer to have the stream open in fullscreen video mode from my app.

  2. It is possible to open a stream with the default video mode to “Source”? When I open videos it defaults to “Auto” but the quality is really poor on iPad. When I switch to “Source” it’s great and I would prefer videos open with this mode selected.

Neither of these are supported scenarios with our current deeplinking. Any updates to mobile deeplinking will be found here:

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Why does it sometimes open up in chat-only mode? It happens maybe 50% of the time for me. I would expect it to always start the stream for a deep link. Is there a reason for this behavior?

I’ll ask our platforms team. Not sure why it would do that. I’ll keep you posted!

I found the problem. If you go into picture and picture mode, close twitch and then close the video. When you deep link to another video it opens in chat only mode. I’m not sure if this is desired behavior but I think it should always open a stream in video mode when deep linking.

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