Delete extension version?

Am i missing something? Is there no way to delete an extension version? Basically I made a typo on my versioning.

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You are not missing something. There currently is no way for developers to delete a specific version of an Extension. There is the ability to delete an Extension.

I’ll bite. Why isn’t there a way to delete extension versions? CRUD is a pretty standard model for handling entities, and leaving out one of those things is strange.

There also seems to be no way to take the current Released extension version and disable it. The only way to replace it is to get another version approved and release it.

It is on the todo list. It just isn’t at the top of the todo list. :wink:

Disabling a released version without replacing it with something, creates a weird scenario around existing installs and activations. That is, what happens to all of the streamers that have that Extension either installed or activated?

Presumably the extension would be prevented from further installs and would no longer load for new viewers. It would still show up for the streamer in their Extensions dashboard section, with a note indicating that the extension has been disabled temporarily.

There’s a number of plausible scenarios where an extension might need to be temporarily disabled without outright deleting it: back-end server issues, legal/licensing issues, a major severe bug, etc. Of course, deleting it is always an option, though making sure all the dashboard settings are the same when you recreate it is kind of a pain, especially because it’s impossible to view most version settings when an extension is in Hosted Test or Released. I understand not being able to edit version settings in those cases, but why can’t we view them? Not being able to see your user whitelists, asset zip file name, etc. is kind of a pain.

(And another thing: the upload timestamp for the asset zipfile doesn’t update correctly. It always shows the timestamp of the first file uploaded for that version, and does not update for subsequent uploads. The filename changes, but the timestamp does not.)