Delete Single Message How do i get target msg id?

I just trying to delete a message to filter some words like “f word”…

Use my bot Send like “/delete {target-msg-id}” and block user…

How do i get this target msg id from?

I tried in C# with WebSocket, does it possible? or only i can do is “/timeout {username?}”

need help plz

the id that is used for target-msg-id can be extracted from the PRIVMSG tags

So if your IRC parser can read/extract the tags that is what you are looking for.

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hmm… it seems diffirent in my message form…

:ronni! PRIVMSG #ronni :Kappa Keepo Kappa

my message form is just recv like this…

any head message i can found…

do i missed some stuff like send Connect Message like



thank you… but i’m newbie… so i’m not eating well

yes to get extra data you need to request the CAPability enablement

See also Guide | Twitch Developers

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Thank you for your help!

you are so kind!

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