Deleting single messages

Hi i was wondering if there is a possibility that when someone posts something we can delete it.
Now when we delete a post we need to put that person in timeout so we can delete al te messages.
But somethimes someone just makes one word and thats it.
If there is a possibility to just only delete that one word or text line that would be great.

Thanks if someone comes up with something :wink:

I donโ€™t think there is.
You can only timeout someone for 1 second with /timeout [username] 1, but this will delete all of his messages as you were saying.

You can pass in a tag indicating the message youโ€™re targeting, but I know of no chat client that only deletes the targeted message at this time. The target-msg-id tag gets passed through.

@target-msg-id=13ff63d1-b76e-48b3-89ff-fd5f8d49632b PRIVMSG #channel :/timeout user duration reason
@ban-duration=280;ban-reason=reason;room-id=118170488;target-msg-id=13ff63d1-b76e-48b3-89ff-fd5f8d49632b;target-user-id=17089325;tmi-sent-ts=1527178712589 CLEARCHAT #channel :user
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