Demonetized VODS / Embeds 3rd party website + Social Media

Using the Embed code for Live streams or VODS doesn’t include Ad Monetization anymore on 3rd party websites and social media. I have looked around to see if there was any official post about Twitch Demonetizing embeds which hasn’t turned up anything.

I posted this question to Twitch partner support which hasn’t received any answer, the ticket is on hold for over 1 month now.

Any Twitch Dev staff here have a update or information on this?


You will get a better answer from partner support.

This is the third party developers forum.

And there is no relevant section for your query.

Twitch Partner support hasnt responded yet, over 1 month and a week now. And this forum is advertised as follows “Developer Forums - Ask our community for help. Twitch staff assist here as well!” -

If Twitch DEVS do not provide any forum support anymore, get someone to remove that section from the linked page.

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