Demoted myself on Role management

Hi everyone, I was playing around with the settings when I accidentally demoted myself from Administrator to Developer, does anyone know how to reverse this?

The same thing happened to me as well. I still haven’t found a way to reverse it. It’s been this way for nearly a month now.

If you’re like me then, you’ve sent an email to Twitch support who after a few weeks just emailed back to say ‘try posting your problem on the forums’
Which feels like they don’t actually know how to fix it themselves.

We’ve fixed your permissions @1st_impact and @QuaintShanty. Please log in and out for it to take effect.


Thank you @Telshin, it’s resolved.

@1st_impact, I did email them and they told me to talk about it on the dev forums. I just presumed that they don’t touch things on this end. I decided to look for a post that was already recently active. Thankfully your post was here and I just added on top of it. :slight_smile:

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