Deprecation date for v5?

We built an integration with Twitch v5 a year back, it seems that v6 has reached feature parity. Is there now a deprecation date for v5?

v5 is deprecated.

There is no shut-off date yet, other than “Soon™”

Thanks - so is Soon in the next 3 mo, 6 mo, 12 mo?

Just trying to pencil in some development resource and keen to know how quickly do Twitch APIs get shut off after deprecation?

There has been no announcement regarding the timeline for a while - I would expect that from the time of the announcement, you will have at least a full month before v5/kraken is permanently shut off.

May be worth keeping check on if a Sunset header is ever passed on v5/kraken requests.

When in doubt: migrate as soon as possible :wink:

One little note, Helix isn’t v6, it’s an entirely separate thing from Kraken and the api versioning that it used.

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