Deprecation of Twitch API event endpoints that supported WebSub-based webhooks

When we first introduced Websub-based webhooks to the developer community, there were also a number of related Twitch API endpoints created as a fallback mechanism to catch up on missed events. Now that our WebSub-based webhooks have been decommissioned, these endpoints are no longer needed and have a migration path if they are currently being used by third-party applications.

What’s changing?

As of today, the following Twitch API endpoints are considered deprecated and will be decommissioned on or soon after March 15, 2022.

Who will be impacted by these changes?

Any developer using these endpoints must update their implementation before the date above to avoid disruption to their application.

What action needs to be taken?

Developers using “Get Banned Events” should update their applications to use “Get Banned Users” which includes the same information other than when the ban occurred and/or the “channel.ban” EventSub subscription type that includes this information when the ban event occurs.

Developers using “Get Moderator Events” should update their applications to use “Get Moderators” to retrieve the current list of moderators and/or use the EventSub “channel.moderator.add” and “channel.moderator.remove” subscription types to retrieve the events depending on the use case.

Developers using “Get Subscription Events” should update their applications to use “Get Broadcaster Subscriptions” to retrieve the current list of subscriptions and/or any of the channel subscription EventSub subscription types to retrieve events as they occur (i.e. “channel.subscribe,” “channel.subscription.end,” “,” “channel.subscription.message”).

What about “Get Hype Train Events?”

This deprecation does not include “Get Hype Train Events.”