Description field too restrictive

The help text for your extension description is “The Description is viewable by streamers and viewers only on the Extension Detail page. It should be the full details about the functions of your Extension. This is your chance to tell them why they should activate your Extension.” but you’re incredibly limited in what you can write. No bullet points, no hyperlinks, no bold or italic fonts, no extra white space(all of it gets smushed down to a single space in presentation). If this is where we’re supposed to convince someone to use our extension having a bullet pointed list or bold text at least to be able to draw attention to key features would be super useful, but honestly as much control of this part of the extension as possible would be ideal.

I forsee animated GIFS EVERYWHERE!

But I can see that maybe bold/italic/bullets might be useful.

Personally I jsut go “description, visit link for more and screenshots and stuff” more flexibility/space offsite

I agree, just having some subset, like actual links, basic formatting(bold/italics/underline), and bulleted lists would probably be enough.