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Hello community, well (I’m almost in the final stretch of releasing my extension, I need to decide a few things before :face_with_raised_eyebrow:), I have a question regarding the delivery of a desktop app as part of my software (twitch-extension).

1 ° Can I make a desktop app available to a streamer to improve the integration with my extension?

2 ° In the configuration page, if it is possible to make the desktop app available, can I put the download link of the software?

3° Would you also need to send the source code of the desktop app to twitch?

Thank you and see you soon!


I linked to my “official” website for the extension in the config page, for the download, as apposed to directly to the download, as I included extra details and things like API Keys and more up to date instructions for use. (Saves pushing an extension update to update the docs for the downloaded app)

Twitch didn’t for mine.

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What @BarryCarlyon said.

We do not review the source code of extensions backends, and similarly we do not review the source code of other related pieces of software. We review the frontend code of each extension.

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Thanks @BarryCarlyon , you clarified my doubts

tks, the last doubt about the app, I created it today, can I use the same token provided by twitch to use in the requests for my backend? or should I create another logic to generate those keys? Thanks for the time and help.

I’m not clear what you mean by “token provided by twitch” in this context.

For authentication between my app and my backend, I did create my own API Key/token system, since you need an account on my backend, (which yeah, could be secured behind a Twitch Auth), but then you just generate your own API keys for App/yourBackend communications.

If you were to use something “provided by twitch” you lose control of when that expires. Which means a broadcaster is going to need to have to fetch and enter the new key often.

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Yeah do not want to use your EBS’s secret in an application that will be installed on broadcaster’s machines. Create something different! A secret ceases being a secret when shared.

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