Detect orientation of device with mobile component

Is there a way to detect the orientation of a mobile device when using a mobile component in order to apply a different layout/ css ruleset?

Thanks in advance.

On mobile all extensions act like a panel. They “replace” chat.
Video component as a “slot” is not available to mobile it’s the “mobile slot” which is more like a panel than a componenet slot.

As to detection. Not really no.
You could make some assumptions on orientation based on the width/height. but thats not super reliable. since it will depend on the device in question dimenstionally.

So TLDR: no, you can’t determine the orientation

You should just apply responsive CSS, if you need to.

From a quick spot test width is generally consistent regardless of orientation.

Best bet is to just go test it. But you, like me, don’t have access to too many devices to see how this behave on various devices