Detect when extension mobile is open


I’m trying to determine how I could find a way to be aware in JS of the opening/closing of the mobile extension, but after looking around for hours I didn’t find anything. Would you know of any hint to achieve it ?


After the initla load on first open. No there is no way to know if open or closed.

Same as in a panel, you don’t know if you are “in the frame” or not
or a componenet, you don’t know if the componenet is visible or not.
or as a video if you have been toggled visible or not.

There is no way to know on either of these states.

Alright, would you have any insights on how you show/hide the frame in twitch JS?

Not sure what you are trying to achieve based on your statement.

Finding out which DOM or Window or other native web API event i could rely on to build heuristics.

A Twitch Extension is limited to the iFrame that it lives in.

So you have no way to talk to the “parent”/outer Twitch to see whats going on with the Twitch Extension iFrame.